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Data collection is what we are about, getting information from the field back quickly, so it can reported on or invoiced fast. We have spent most of our working lives in industries that relied on technicians submitting paperwork once a week and then having to check it as it was usually either missing vital information, or illegible. We would have to wait another week for them to be back in the office to change it again, only for it to move from desk to desk for approvals from different departments before it could be invoiced. Even when we were working in sales companies the salesman would go to site and gather the information to be quoted. He would then have to bring the information back to the office to then quote on the job. If that data could be back in the office in real time the salesman could attend more calls.

We have always been interested in new technology, there is nothing quite like a new innovation that makes your life simpler. So after years of working together in different industries and an idea of getting rid of external paperwork we turned our passion into our business and created Efficient Foundations.

Efficient Foundations is a company that has a suite of products so that the customer can see in real time how their business or project is tracking.

With our Administration Console the customers can push and pull data from the office to the field staffs iPads ending the delay in receiving paperwork. These digital forms can be set so that they have to be completed before they are sent, and the timesheets can be linked so if the hours aren’t booked to the job they won’t be on a timesheet.
The Administration Console is then used to sort the paperwork through the business’ internal system by changing the status of the form, so there is no more paperwork from desk to desk. With all this data available Efficient Foundations can report on any of it. Many of our customers install screens on the walls of their offices so that they can see how many hours have been booked by whom, which leads have been quoted, what is the win loss ratio, which salesman is performing best in what area or what maintenance is due next month.

So why not contact Sven for a no obligation free consultation and demonstration.

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