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Getting information fast with Digital forms is a great thing.  It allows you to invoice quicker, process employees pays more effectively, and above all, be more professional. 

But now what?  Sure you can e-mail digital versions of your forms to your clients or within your organisation.  Sure, the flow of information is far more efficient than it was before.  But surely we can get more benefits from going to a digital platform?

We agree.  That is why we are now officially Klipfolio Partners.  

Klipfolio is a fully mobile reporting dashboard which will interact live with your digital forms. 

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A sales lead is submitted in the field, and your dash will update a minute later.
Have a technician out in the field submit a Service Sheet, and your dashboard will update a minute later.  This will give you up to date live information.  Measure KPI's real time, all you need is an internet connection.

It is a multi platform solution that does not require any extra software to be installed.  Have it permanently displayed on a large screen in your office, check it on your laptop or check it on your tablet or smartphone on the go.

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It doesn't just stop there.  We can link to dashboard into spreadsheets, CRM's, websites and more!  

As long as a good data feed is available, we can look at linking it into your branded Klipfolio Dashboard.  

Contact us today for more information!

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